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Focus on "Automatic Terminal Machine", take the road of independent brand

Wenzhou Dongyu Automation Equipment Co., LtdAn export-oriented enterprise that combines industry and trade. Excellent quality and professional service make us a leader in the industry.

Strict quality management system

Dongyu Strictly followed since its inception ISO9001 Quality management system,Contribute to the development of the industry Strong research and development capabilities set the industry benchmark,WonMultipleNational invention patents and utility model patents Certificate

Many cooperative customers

Learn from industrial manufacturing countries"artisan"Spirit, a demanding attitude towards quality

Dedicated, meticulous is the guarantee of quality, but also the trendinternational stagePremise

Harvested a lotPartnerWide acclaim

Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system

Dongyu Since its establishment, it has established a dedicated after-sales service department, depending on the quality of the company's life and service as the cornerstone of the company's survival.

    What components are the computer wire stripping machine made up of?

    The computer wire stripping machine is mainly composed of the following components and a brief introduction of the function of the components: a) Incoming wheel: conveying wire and stripping the wire. When the stripping machine strips the short line, it strips the line and strips the tail (the line length is less than 50mm). When the stripping machine is stripped and stripped, it has the function of peeling off the middle part in addition to the stripping head. b) Outlet wheel: wire the wire and strip the tail of the wire stripper. (The stripping machine does not work when stripping the short line. You need to make the "outlet wheel lift knob" in the "u" position) ...

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Can Eastland offer OEM services?
Yes, we are very happy to do OEM services to expand our market.
About parts replacement and machine maintenance?
Within one year, all parts of the Eastland machine will be replaced free of charge, but will not be responsible for shipping costs. We will provide strong technical support for daily machine maintenance.
Annual rebate policy for distributors and wholesalers?
East has provided our dealers with a very competitive rebate policy. If you need more information, please contact us.
Quality Certificate, Market Access Pass?
East Machinery has obtained CE certification, and will apply for more certifications in the future as the market expands.
Do Eastland have independent import and export management rights?
European company's business?
Passion and integrity. We believe that the highest level of work passion can provide customers with the best products and services, and integrity is the foundation of the company.